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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another Potential Texas Futile Care Law Victim

The Texas Futile Care Law, which allows medical facilities to judge if a patient's situation is hopeless, and then tell the family of the patient that they have ten days to find another medical center willing to treat the patient before medical help is removed, has struck again.

This is the third time in the past three months that the Texas Futile Care Law has caused a battle to look for a safe place for a patient to be treated, the previous cases being those of Andrea Clark and Yenlang Vo.

In this case, 10-month-old Daniel Belcher is considered nearly brain-dead by doctors. He cannot breathe without a ventilator. He cannot eat without a feeding tube. The hospital's ethics board has just ruled that it would be futile and inappropriate to keep Daniel alive-despite his mother's wishes to try.

"Something deep down inside is telling me not to unplug my 10-month-old," said Dixie Belcher, Daniel's mother. "I know it's going to take him quite a while to pull out of this, but I know he's my little fighter, and he's got to pull through. He's got to pull through."

So much for "choice" in "end-of-life" decisions.

A judge plans to hear the case on Friday, June 2nd, but as in the other two cases, the family is now panicked and searching for a medical facility to care for Daniel as soon as possible.

If this isn't involuntary euthanasia, then I don't know what is. First patients are given euthanasia as a "choice," and now it is slowly becoming not the patient's or the family's decision, but the doctor's decision to judge whether or not someone's life is "futile" or "a burden". Next thing you know, we'll be judged on whether or not we are "useful" in society by not only our health, but by our beliefs, looks, or even something as trivial as whether we have blond or black hair...


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