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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Has Still Not Yielded Medical Breakthroughs

What is the point of lawmakers in Washington calling for votes on a bill that would overturn the president's limits on using taxpayer funds to pay for embryonic stem cell research--when the practice has still not yielded any medical breakthroughs? Even Sean Tipton, president of the Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research, a leading lobbyist for the biotech industry, acknowledges that it is making little progress. In his calls for a vote on funding, he admitted that "at present there's nothing that's ready for therapeutic use." Not even the most well-funded scientists have been able to get over the problems of preventing embryonic stem cells from causing tumors once they're transplanted, as well as the body rejecting the cells.

Meanwhile, adult stem cell research has helped with finding cures and treatments for at least 65 different diseases, such as Parkinson's, spinal cord injuries, and various forms of heart damage. Research on adult stem cells has shown that they are not likely to form tumors, and as they usually come from the patient's own body, adult stem cells don't face the risk of being rejected by it. While President Bush has limited using public money for embryonic stem cell research, he has allowed millions of dollars to be spent annually on what is an ultimately more successful and moral option since 2001.

It seems to me that this issue should be "case closed" by now, however, supporters of embryonic stem cell research are continuing to beat down on a dead horse and ultimately are making fools of themselves in my eyes, and the eyes of more and more who are learning the truth about the fallacies in this issue.


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