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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bill to Save Mt. Soledad Cross Introduced to Congress

In response to the Federal Appeals Court's order to remove the cross of a veteran's memorial atop Mount Soledad, California Reps. Duncan Hunter, Brian Bilbray, and Darrell Issa have introduced a bill that would transfer the cross from city control to the federal government, a move that could possibly save the landmark.

Once acquired, responsibility for the monument's maintenance would be provided by the Department of Defense. According to the bill, the department also would reach a contractual arrangement with the Mount Soledad Memorial Association, a private group that built the cross in 1954 to honor Korean War veterans and continues to maintain the site.

“The fight to save the Mount Soledad Veteran's Memorial is not about religion,” Hunter said in a statement. “It's about protecting a symbol of our freedom and honoring those who have chosen to defend it all costs. Removing this long recognized and respected landmark is an insult to the men and women memorialized on its walls and the service and sacrifice of those who have worn a uniform in defense of our nation.”

Hunter also said that it is important to “exhaust every possible option for preserving this revered memorial and ensuring its continued presence atop Mount Soledad.”

This kind of reminds me of how I was just listening to a Christian radio show today and a caller who decided to comment said "There's this park in Alabama that puts up these beautiful Nativity scenes and Christmas decorations in December...I can't tell you where it is, though, I don't want the ACLU to sue!" It kind of reminds me of the Child Catcher from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"...I could see someone like him joining the ACLU..."There are Christians here, I can smell them!!"


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