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Sunday, June 18, 2006

'Tolerant' Governor fires 'intolerant' Christian

Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., of Maryland, fired one of his appointees to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority yesterday after the board member expressed his personal beliefs on a local cable talk show that homosexuality is immoral.

On the talk show, Metro board member Robert J. Smith responded to a speaker that said homosexuals do not want the government interfering in their sex lives. "That's fine, that's fine," Smith said. "But that doesn't mean that government should proffer a special place of entitlement within the laws of the United States for persons of sexual deviance."

The termination came a few hours after Smith was publicly confronted by a transit board colleague. Board member Jim Graham, a District of Columbia councilman who is openly gay, called on Smith to disavow his remarks or resign during yesterday's regular meeting of the panel, which oversees Metro business.

Governor Ehrlich said that he is intolerant of any view that opposes the full social acceptance of homosexual behavior and the promotion of the lifestyle in government. "Robert Smith's comments were highly inappropriate, insensitive and unacceptable," the governor said. "They are in direct conflict to my administration's commitment to inclusiveness, tolerance and opportunity."

So this guy contradicted his own statement! He is promoting tolerance toward homosexual practice while being intolerant to Smith's Christian beliefs and the teaching of his church.

Smith said he has always supported the transit agency's policy against all forms of discrimination. Asked if he planned to apologize to Metro board member Jim Graham, an open homosexual who called for Smith's firing, Smith replied: "I didn't make the comments to Mr. Graham...I'm sorry he feels that way. I don't agree that his lifestyle is an appropriate way to lead one's life."

"Homosexual behavior, in my view, is deviant. I'm a Roman Catholic. The comments I make in public outside of my [Metro board job] I'm entitled to make. [My personal beliefs] have absolutely nothing to do with running trains and buses and have not affected my actions or decisions on this board."

Smith was fired not because he wasn't doing a good job. He was fired not because of his practice, but because of his thinking. He was fired because he held different beliefs. So much for tolerance! If this firing is allowed to stand, it means that any Christian that publicly states that homosexual behavior is morally wrong does so at the risk of being fired.

Please help preserve the rights of Christians to publicly express their beliefs and the teaching of their church on homosexuality without the fear of being fired by e-mailing Governor Ehrlich, at .


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